Local Touch & Global Reach for AEC.

As long as beauty business and cosmetic brands are growing, Make Up Artist career will be one of the top professions that all markets need especially AEC. Knowledge of make up also expands your opportunities in beauty related management positions and side-line business. These are the reasons why we are here (and you are reading this now)!

Let’s get to know us more…


Our vision – To improve make up artist’s standard and quality in Thailand Market to meet international benchmark and be accepted at professional level.

Our mission – We not only teach our make up artist students to achieve good make up work, but we also grow them into a “Professional Make Up Artist” by giving them a wide variety of knowledge, local and international techniques, intensive practice and finally, ethics of being a professional.

School Name: โรงเรียนศึกษาศิลปะและเทคนิคการแต่งหน้า (Make Up Arts and Technique School)
School Type: Non-Formal Education School
Known As: Make Up Arts Academy by Ken Kavin (name prior to official school set up in 2013)
Address: 2nd Floor, Tonsoong Tower B, Tonsoong Avenue, 226/1 Praditmanuthum Road, Plubpla, Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310 THAILAND
Telephone: 02 148 1127, 02 148 1128, 081 287 0933, 02 148 1129 (Fax)
Email: info@mua.ac.th


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